Starting June 1st I will be the Research Manager of the Biomedical and Clinical Informatics Lab at the University of Michigan, under the direction of Kayvan Najarian. Previously, I was a Ph.D. student at The Graduate Center, CUNY; as well as the Infrastructure Manager of the Westport Public Schools.

My research interests are in theoretical computer science, with a focus on machine learning, cryptography, and computational group theory, and well as computer networking/network security.



  1. J. Gryak, D. Kahrobaei, The Status of Polycyclic Group-Based Cryptography: A Survey and Open Problems, Groups Complexity Cryptology, De Gruyter, Volume 8, Issue 2, 171--186 (2016)

Preprints and Submitted Articles

  1. J. Gryak, D. Kahrobaei, C. Martinez-Perez, On The Conjugacy Problem in Certain Metabelian Groups, Submitted (preprint)

In Preparation

  1. J. Gryak, R. Haralick, D. Kahrobaei, Solving the Conjugacy Decision Problem via Machine Learning, In Preparation


  1. J. Gryak, Solving Algorithmic Problems in Finitely Presented Groups via Machine Learning, City University of New York, April 2017